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About Us

Gummy Bears Day Nursery and Out of School club has been established since April 2012. We are a new and wonderful nursery located in the Gomersal area. The nursery brings together various rooms and an easy to access outdoor play area, giving the children an opportunity to experience more of the outside world in a fun and safe enviornment.

We provide and support the children’s achievements and experiences in order to give them the best start in life. This is made possible by helping them build up their independence, freedom and self –esteem. We select a variety of age appropriate activities and experiences in order to provide a life time of learning for the children that are in our care. We aim to consistently achieve high standards of care and to be the best at what we do by meeting your child’s individual needs.

Gummy Bears Nursery is run by a team of qualified and experienced nursery professionals, who provide a structured, safe, caring and endlessly inspiring environment for all children to learn, develop and flourish within.

Private Day Nursery & Out of School Club

For Children From 0 to 13 Years

Baby Room

Our aim is to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment for every baby in our care. At Gummy Bears we know that children want to explore the world around them from birth. We support and encourage this within our enviornment by stimulating both their physical and social needs through play and emotional well being, offering cuddles and reassurance. We don’t have a set routine as each babies routine is different. We create individual routines for our babies with contributions from parents.

Our qualified staff have several years of experience caring for babies and fully understand any parents’ concerns and anxieties about first leaving their baby. We make settling into the nursery as smooth as possible and give parents detailed feedback at the end of each day along with a daily diary that will travel with the baby to and from nursery.

Toddler Room (under 3’s)

Our aim is to provide a calm and stimulating environment where your toddler will love to learn new skills. We strive to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) themes in a structured and fun environment. We provide many opportunities for exploration through adult led activities and child initiated play. As children begin to learn and become more confident about themselves and the world around them, they start making their own decisions. We encourage outdoor play and learning in our secure play area which is equipped with bikes, scooters, a den, chalk boards and much more.

Our toddler children also have the option to mix with babies on a daily basis in our open plan baby and toddler area. The toddler children also have the opportunity to mix with the pre-school and out of school children during outdoor play.

Pre-school Room

In the pre-school room we provide as many opportunities to learn as possible with unlimited access to books, puzzles, imaginative play areas and computers. As your child plays and learns our staff observe their progress and respond to their individual needs, helping them to prepare for the transition to school. Independence is encouraged as their confidence grows and there is a focus on their creative, physical and social development.

Just like schools, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we gradually introduce the children to subject based learning through a variety of play based activities. We do not have a strict routine in the pre-school rooms but plan to the child’s own interests. Our pre-school children also get the opportunity to be around older children who attend our before and after school club and holiday club on a daily basis.

Before/After School Club and Holiday Care

At Gummy Bears we run a before/after school club and holiday club for children aged between 5-13 years. We collect from and drop off at local schools on a daily basis and we are open 7:30am – 9:00am before school, 3:00pm – 6:00pm after school and holiday care is from 7:30am till 6:00pm.

The Before/After School and holiday club provides the opportunity for children to learn new skills, offering a range of activities to choose from:

• Arts & crafts
• Board games
• Access to PC’s with restricted internet access
• Games consoles with lots of (non-violent) games, dance mats etc.
• Access to outdoor space which offers many opportunities for creative play

We currently collect children from the following schools:

• Gomersal Primary School
• St Mary’s Primary School
(Other local school will be considered subject to demand)

Myself and Jonathan think all the girls are lovely and can’t believe all the different meals Oliver is having.

From Oliver’s Mum

Kirklees Healthy Choice Award Gold
food hygiene rating 5


Here at Gummy Bears all our food is home made and freshly prepared so we know exactly what ingredients are going into the food. We run on a four-weekly menu, which has been developed with input from children, staff and parents throughout the year.

We have been awarded a 5* Food Hygiene Certificate and are working towards a Gold Healthy Eating Award. The children are encouraged to join in with baking and making their own meals whenever possible.

Sample Menu

Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A Selection of Cereals and Toast available. Water will be provided to drink.
Lunch (11:30 am) Shepherd’s Pie with seasonal vegetables Fish Cakes with Peas Vegetable Curry with Rice and Nan Bread Sausage Casserole with Yorkshire Puddings Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic Bread
Vegetarian Option Alternative: Quorn Shepherd’s Pie Same as Above Same as Above Alternative: Vegetarian Sausage Casserole Alternative: Vegetable Bolognaise
Pudding Angel Delight Homemade Biscuits Yoghurts Homemade Fairy Buns Jelly And Ice Cream
Baby Care Same as Above Sweet Potatoes and bean bake Butternut Squash, Carrots and Parsnips Potatoes, carrot and Sweet corn Cauliflower Cheese
Snack (2:00pm)
A Selection of Fruit will be provided. Water will be provided to drink.
Tea A selection of sandwiches- Cheese, Ham, Egg and Tuna. Home Made Pizza and Salad Chicken and Pepper Wraps Tuna Pasta Bake Children’s Choice Beans on toast / cheese on toast.
Vegetarian Option Cheese, egg or tuna Sandwiches Cheese topped Pizza and salad Vegetable Wraps Same as Above Same as Above
A Selection of Fruit will be provided, After Tea.


Our Nursery Team is full of qualified staff members and staff members who are developing their qualifications further. All our nursery team undertake a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Check before they commence work at Gummy Bears.

Our Team are also encouraged to partake in additional training, in order to develop their knowledge further and to keep up to date with training required for their job role such as First Aid etc.


0-2 Years 3-5 Years
Full Week (Mon – Fri) £190 £180
Full Day £41 £39
Morning Session 7:30 am – 1:00pm £22 £22
Afternoon Session 1:00pm – 6:00pm £22 £22

Let your Child find their pot of gold to life

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213-215 Oxford Road
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Telephone Number: 01274 861444

Email Address: contact@gummybearsnursery.co.uk